Windows 8 Quick Tips & Hints

Tip 1

Press (+L) to lock your screen.

Tip 2

The Charms Bar gives you access to your settings, search, devices, and more. To find it...

Go to the bottom or top right of your screen to get the Charms Bar.
OR press (+C) to get the Charms Bar.

Tip 3

To search in the Windows Store...

Open up Windows Store, open up your Charms Bar and click the search icon.

Tip 4

The Metro Taskbar is a bar which shows all of your running Start menu apps. To find it...

Press and hold (+TAB) get up the Metro Taskbar.
OR move your mouse to the top or bottom left corner and move it up, or down.

Tip 5

Press (+S) to acsess onenote 2010 screen clipping.(If you have it)

Go to to find out more tips about Windows 8.